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Boat Tours in Kvikkjokk

We offer regular tours as well as tours booked by the mountain hiker and visitor to Kvikkjokk who wants to have a day hike, guided tours through the delta land, tours along the Tarra River, etc. We drive passengers to the departure sites for hikes to the Padjelantaleden (Padjelanta Trail), Nordkalottleden (North Calotte Trail) and the southern Kungsleden and back.

The delta in Kvikkjokk is a lush and unique delta of two rivers, with snaking channels and lagoons rich in bird life. We offer guided tours
of the delta and a lecture on the flora, fauna and geology of the area.

There are many possibilities for fine day tours by boat transport such as:

• Prinskullen
• Nammásj
• Kvarntjärnarna

We take bookings from June 17 until September 19. Contact us for more information.

Please contact us for information and for information about prices. Payment - please pay cash.

The enterprise is run by personnel qualified according to the regulations of the Swedish Maritime Administration and the boats meet their demands as well.

A view over Sarek from the Kvikkjokk Delta
Boat transports and tours at Kvikkjokk rubus arcticus on Kungsleden

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