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The Kungsleden stretches 450 km, from Hemavan in the south to Abisko in the north. Kvikkjokk is one of the access points to the trail.

Kungsleden Kvikkjokk – Jäkkvik

>>Information about transport between the Kungsleden and Kvikkjokk.

Kvikkjokk-Jäkkvik, 80 km, is one of the most varied stretches of the Kungsleden. The path, unlike the stretch north of Kvikkjokk, is not used often. The mountain consists of foothills and the view from them extends many kilometres. Between areas on the barren mountain top, the hiker goes through lush birch forests and old forest areas near the mountains with an occasional large pine tree. A bit up from Lake Sakkat, the Kungsleden goes through sparse birch forests and meadows, a landscape likening that of a park, made totally by nature. The Arctic Circle is eight kilometres north of Vuonatjviken.

Boat traffic on Lake Riebnes: Contact Vuonatjviken for transportation over the lake: Tel. +46 (0)730358673 or +46 (0)706968045.

Five kilometres northwest of Jäckvik, at Kapellströmmarna, there is a 300 meter stretch of water with a row boat available.

Kungsleden Kvikkjokk – Saltoluokta

The stretch between Kvikkjokk and Saltoluokta, 75 km counting the two waterways, follows the border of Sarek. The trail goes over the foothills and valleys with a virgin and birch forest. Along the path are three of STF’s mountain cabins. It is popular to schedule a day outing from Aktse to Skierfe in Rapa Valley with its panoramic view over the Laidaure Delta and the high mountains along the valleys.

Boat transports on the Kungsleden across Laitaure runs by the warden of the STF cabin at Aktse and the family Läntha. For information, contact STF tel: +46 973 41010 or the family Läntha, tel: +46 (0)70 222 8250. For other boat rides on the lake, please contact the family Läntha.

For boat transportation over Lake Sitojaure contact Anna and Lars Blind, tel: +46 (0)730799603 or +46 (0)104016347,

The boat route between Saltoluokta and Kebnats is run by STF. Please contact Saltoluokta fjällstation for information, tel. 46+ (0)973 41010.

Kungsleden at lake Riebnes
Aktse and Laitaure Kungsleden south of Kvikkjokk

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