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Kvikkjokk Delta Tours

At Kvikkjokk the Tarra River joins the the Gamajåhkå rapids and builds a unique and lush two-river delta. It is located in the lowest valley of the mountain range and gives a protected position which favors a rich flora and fauna.

From the scenic view points of Vallevárre, Nammásj and Sjnjierák, one can see a large part of the Kvikkjokk delta and get a good perception of the shape of the delta. It looks like a patchwork quilt of lagoons, small lakes, channels, meadows, areas of deciduous trees and wetlands. The delta was created and continues to be built by sediments transported down with the running water. It continually changes and rebuilds the deep Lake Sakkat. The delta is also formed by the shifting water levels which can differ by three meters between low and high levels. From the delta the visitor can look towards the surrounding mountains. The rich vegetation gives the feeling that one is in the jungle.

The delta is among the most interesting things that Kvikkjokk has to offer. Båttrafik in Kvikkjokk has guided tours and information about the flora, fauna, geology and the cultural history of the area throughout the tour.

Guided tour in the Kvikkjokk Delta
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