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Winter in Kvikkjokk area

Kvikkjokk is located north of the Arctic Circle where the sun lies below the horizon from the end of November until the middle of January.

We offer transportation on snowmobile and guided tours in the vicinity. Contact us for more information.

The winter season offers enormous expanses of untouched areas. In the national parks of Sarek and Padjelanta it is not allowed to ride snowmobiles and thus attracts skiers who spend the night in tents during a winter tour.

For longer ski tours with access to cabins in which to spend the night, one can take the Kungsleden from Saltoluokta to Kvikkjokk as well as the Padjelantaleden. The cabins are open during the late winter season. The cabins located in the Padjelanta National Park are run by the Padjelanta Laponia Tourism. The cabins on the Padjelantaleden outside the national park and along the Kungsleden are run by STF.

For visitors wanting shorter skiing or snowshoe tours, the area around Kvikkjokk is appropriate. There are no prepared ski paths. The Kvikkjokk area fits those looking for an untouched winter area.

The view over Gasskájvo from the Tarra river at Kvikkjokk
Winter in Kvikkjokk and snow machins rides The Siberian Jay in the Sarek National park

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