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Padjelantaleden, the Padjelanta Trail

>>Information about water transport between the Padjelantaleden and Kvikkjokk.

Padjelantaleden, the Padjelanta Trail, stretches 140 km between Änonjalme at Ritsem and Bobäcken at Kvikkjokk. It goes through the Padjelanta National Park.

The trail goes through areas with a varied nature, from the fertile Tarra Valley with its flowers, ferns and other vegetation to Padjelanta with its foothills rich in species and large mountain lakes. It stretches along the Tarrekaise Massif, Sarek Mountains and the Akka Massif. The hiker has Padjelanta and its lakes on one side and the high mountains of Sarek on the other. The views are often magnificent.

In the Padjelanta National Park the hiker passes two Sámi summer settlements. Staloluokta and Arasluokta. There are overnight cottages along the way and at several of them provisions can be purchased. Padjelanta Laponia Tourism oversees the cabins which are within the Padjelanta National Park, and the Swedish Tourist Organisation (STF) those which are outside the park. There are cabin hosts from the beginning of June until the beginning of September.

Some years the snow stays a long time, on certain stretches until the middle of July. From the middle of September it can snow again. The best time to hike this trail is from the middle July to the middle of September. It takes about 10 days to hike the whole trail.

Boat traffic between Änonjalme and Ritsem is run by STF. For 2016 schedule of boat tours and tours before June 29 and after September 4, contact STF Ritsem Youth Hostel, telephone +46 (0)973-420 30.

Padjelantaleden i Tarradalen
Padjelanta Kvanne vid Padjelantaleden

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