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Regular tours between Kvikkjokk and Kungsleden 2019

Departures from Kvikkjokk to Kungsleden, June 28 - September 8:
10.00 am and 14.00 pm

Departures from Kungsleden to Kvikkjokk, June 28 - September 8:
On request at 10.30 am and 14.30 pm

For transports from Kungsleden to Kvikkjokk: Rides from Kungsleden to Kvikkjokk is to be pre booked. Please inform us 30 min at the latest before the departure time if you would like a transport. The boat will otherwise arrive only if there are passengers going from Kvikkjokk to Kungsleden.

If you are at the south side and would like to get across to Kvikkjokk, there is a telephone in the shelter at the boat place that may be used for calling in transportation.

Extra tours on request until the 22th of September. It is possible to book an extra ride at another hour, depending on availability. No tours runs after 19.00 pm.

Please contact us for information about prices. We take cash only.

There are no available rowing boats for use to cross the river.

Transport to Kungsleden
Reindeer at Kungsleden Kungsleden south of Kvikkjokk
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